General Admin Services

General Administrative  Services

  •  check & screen voice mail & email, Proofreading, Editing

 Word Processing

  •  Correspondence, Business writing & cover letters, Reports, Proposals, Manuscript, Manuals, Catalogues, Forms & templates in MS Office, Menus, Teaching materials, Lesson plans, handouts, surveys, Newsletters, creating ebooks and PDF documents (with security features)

Spreadsheet Services

  • Designing,  preparing and maintaining spreadsheets, Database management, Forms and templates in Excel


  •  Designing presentations, Handouts

Internet Research

  •  Research with written reports

 Database Services

  •  Database design, data entry

Customer Service

  • send cards, gifts, after sales follow up calls

Event Planning

  •  Coordination of meetings and events, Invitations, Powerpoint presentations, Handouts, Meeting Agendas