Looking back at 2013, I realize it really was a year of transition.

I’d been planning to become a VA since 2010.  I took an 8 week course through Your VA Mentor, which was full of great information and tips to get my business started.  I was also working full time though.  So, I took the slow road to becoming a VA.  I continued to work as a lot of things were happening in my personal life, and in 2011 I left a job that I had had for a number of years, to take a one-year position covering a maternity leave.  It was a big step, and although I kept thinking I should be scared (or at least have my head checked), I never looked back.  I knew I could never just quit my regular job to start my business because I didn’t really make enough money to ‘save’ a nest egg.  With the Mat Leave position, I could. 

That brought me to the end of the summer of 2012, when I really got going.  Like most VA’s it took me some time to figure out what my niche was going to be.  I knew already what I enjoyed doing, but could I market myself with those credentials?  Then of course, there are the inevitable moments of self-doubt and concern.  But, I am really proud of myself… I persevered.

Certainly there was the occasional self-questioning.  Should I go back to work?  I made pretty good money but when I decided to take on this new life, I had to give up my apartment in one of my favourite parts of Ottawa, to move into a teeny-tiny room (with my cat) in my sister’s apartment.  That lasted a few months then went to stay with a friend (in her lovely large house). 

I stuck through it and gradually things came together, as they say.  I am doing what I love, and meeting fantastic people along the way.  I don’t miss working in an office…   I have made so many wonderful like-minded friends, from around the world.    Some have become colleagues others clients.  How lucky am I?

One word, I found myself saying a lot last year, was “Awesome”…  It’s true – so much seemed new and exciting and awesome!

I’m pretty excited about this year… for me, the year of determination.

Jen    🙂