Out With The Old…

Out With The Old…


I’m happy about today’s topic because I’ve already started working on this one.  I have become a collector… and I’m not talking about comic books, stamps or any other theme specific memorabilia.  I just collect things that have some meaning to me.

For example, Architectural Digest magazines.  Love them!


The problem is, they have really started to clog up my life and weigh me down.   They just don’t serve me anymore.


I’m proud to say I’ve already given away all of my magazines…  a step in the right direction!
I want to be FREE to TRAVEL  and spend more time adventuring, instead of being tied down to things & stuff!   I want to lighten my load as much as possible BECAUSE by this time next year, I plan to be somewhere else.  Somewhere warmer and than here… somewhere less cold and less white.


The only way I am going to achieve this is by clearing the clutter and getting rid of ’stuff’.   My goal is to be Stuff-Free by mid-April.  That way, when an awesome opportunity steps in front of me, I’ll be able to grab it.


This goes for people too.  I have been a collector of friends…  even some people who don’t really get me.  It’s taken a while, but I finally feel that ‘most’ of my friends (and some of my family) respect my desires and are nothing but encouraging.  They love me enough to say ‘follow your heart’, make your dreams happen!


Several years ago I watched a cute and quirky little movie called Crazy in Alabama, starring Melanie Griffith. There was one line in it, that struck me so hard that I could have fallen over.  It’s stayed with me all these years and I love to quote it.


“All I know if you’ve only got one life….  You can’t sit around waiting for your next life to start!”



See you tomorrow 🙂

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How Do You Keep From Becoming Distracted?

How Do You Keep From Becoming Distracted?

Kitty and Me #4

Today we are talking about distractions.

Do you ever find yourself getting distracted when you know you are supposed to be focusing on a task or a job?

It happens, and I think it happens to everyone at one time or another.  For me, it is most likely the task.  If it’s something I have little interest in, or I find it uninspiring, I do admit… I can wander.  I might throw on a video, or suddenly find a urge to check on my little cat, who is usually curled up contently, nearby.

This being said, when I’m in the zone… when my creative juices are flowing or I’m on the edge of a breakthrough on a project – nothing can distract me.  Not even Kitty!

My suggestion to you, should you find yourself easily distracted when you know you need to be working…  take a break.  Get up, walk away…  perhaps do some stretching or better yet go for a quick walk.   Even if all you do is push away from the computer for a few minutes, close your eyes and do some deep breathing…  You will be better off!  Now, drink a glass of water and get back to work!




My Most Important Business Tool?


Today I was asked us to consider the Number ONE  tool that I use and cannot do without, in my business.

This challenge has had me a bit stumped.  Just when I identify one, another comes to mind.

First, I cannot do without my computer.  My MacBookPro has become my right hand, so to speak.  Without it, I cannot gain access to the internet, or the other tools that I use daily.  I’d always been a PC girl until I finally decided to give the Mac a try… and this was based on all the rave reviews by other Mac users.  They are especially well-liked by creatives who use it’s built-in suite of tools.  I don’t actually use many of them… as I have my own and have had my favourites for years… but back to that shortly.

Next, I cannot be without a camera.  The camera in the graphic above is my older Canon  Powershot SX40, an awesome little ‘instant’ camera with an amazing optical zoom and great effects built in.  Lot’s of fun, easy to use and very portable.  When I first got it, it was top of the line for instant cameras and I’d been looking at it for a while… and no regrets.  I also LOVE my Canon T5i, DSLR.  What a beauty. It never leaves my side.  I use cameras to capture my day, sometimes thoughts… to create images I need for my business or clients.  I cannot be without a camera.

Another important thing for me, in running my business, is planning and although I do use a couple of online tools, first and foremost, I use a whiteboard (because I am definitely a VISUAL creator – I need to see what I am doing and what I’ve got planned) and I have my Daily Planner and notebooks…  I use the dollar store notebooks to make notes whenever I speak with new clients…  Then, later I can gather my notes and thoughts and type them out into Notes on my MacBookPro.

Adobe Creative Suites… Creative Cloud!  Where would I be without Photoshop or Illustrator?  These are tools I use every day!  Great for manipulating images, cleaning images and creating new graphics.  Love me some P.S. & Illustrator.

So the next important tool for me, actually, would be Notes.  I have an iPhone, a iPad Air, and my Mac Computer and Notes syncs seamlessly between all three.  With all those online tools out there (there are some great free to use tools like Asana & TeamworkPM), I still come back to my Notes.  They are always right where I need them.

Another favourite tool for me, is Pocket.  I Love Love Love Pocket!!  If you haven’t heard of it, check it out!  It’s an awesome little tool for grabbing websites and webpages and holding them for you.  If you log in to Pocket, you can organize the pages you’ve put in pocket and you can use tags as well… but it has it’s own handy little search and it works like a charm!  I save and organize videos and tutorials, websites I’d like to check out… If I’ve read something somewhere about a new program or tool and want to look at but don’t have time to, there and then… I just Save to Pocket.

So, there you have it. I’ve failed the challenge. I could not come up with just one tool… It is like raising a child. It takes a village and these tools are my part of my personal arsenal.   There are several other tools that I do use, but more on them later.

I would love to hear from you.  Let me know if you use any tools I’ve mentioned and what your favourite is!






New Year, Fresh Start 2017

Today is a fresh start.  Just 15 days in to the New Year and our friend Natalie (the Suitcase Entrepreneur), has us thinking about all the changes we want to make in our lives… including, for me, beginning to blog again.
In the past my blogs were very personal.  I didn’t do it to bring attention to myself or to my business… it was much more of an exercise in rambling.
Now the end goal, for me, is to gain the attention of my potential clients as well as my peers, friends and even family.  Family might be the biggest challenge and in fact (I’m sure there are others who would agree) that if I can succeed in having a few key people in my family read my daily blog then I will consider it all a great success!
I expect my routines to change as I blog, and as my circumstances evolve.
Right now I live in Ottawa, Canada’s capital and one of the coldest capital cities in the world.   Ottawa is a beautiful city located in one of the prettiest places on the planet, especially in the summer time!    For those who love skiing and skating and all those other winter sports and activities it is an awesome place to be right now.  For me though… I can’t stand being COLD!
SIDE NOTE:  My father was on the Canadian Ski Team when he was a young man and by the time I came along he was coaching high school students in the Giant Slalom.  Our winter weekends were spent on the Ottawa area ski hills (or skating on The Canal… the worlds largest skating rink).  My feet and fingers were always FROZEN!
For me, this was a odd torture my otherwise loving parents placed on me.  Even when the first insulated ski boots came out, my feet froze!  Keep in mind, when I was a little girl, skis were literally strapped on and boots were leather and laced up.

  As a child, my fondest memories were sitting in the ski lodge drinking water hot chocolate.

I do love living here in the summer but my intention is to become FREE of the ties that bind me to this place 12 months a year.  Within the next few months I expect to get rid of almost all my ‘possessions’ and keep only the things that I have a deep emotional connection to.  I hope to get this down to just a few boxes that I can easily store long term.  Then, Kitty and I will take to traveling this wondrous Globe.  The obvious challenge will be bringing my little buddy/office assistant with me.  

For now, I will share my days here in Ottawa and my life in my cozy bachelor apartment and life as it changes and evolves.

Getting back to where I am now, and my intentions…

We’ve been asked to consider our morning ritual and how it helps create the perfect day – a successful day.

  Right now I am working out of the house, half days.  I was asked by a former employer if I could come back on board for a couple of months to ‘help out’ and the hours work fairly well in to my day. The only issue for me is that now I’m back to rushing in the mornings.

Currently, when 

I wake up I spend a few minutes chatting with Kitty.  OK, so it’s just me talking and he sits in my arms purring… but I realize it is my way of setting my intentions for the day.  I tell him what I need to do and what my intended goals are and then after a few minutes I crawl out of bed to meet the day full on.

After feeding my now hungry cat, I pour my fresh pomegranate juice mixed with water and take my supplements and start to cook my organic, free-range egg in Ghee (clarified butter).  I can eat this while I get ready for my day.  Before heading out, I make my protein shake… a great Vegan Gluten-free mix, coconut water, Spirulina, and berries.  This makes a great lunch later on.  Luckily I’m home mid-afternoon and so I can have my home-made vegetable soup to warm me up.

MY INTENTION, once this special project is completed and I’m back to working 100% from home is to change my routine to reflect my previous one, as follows:

  • I will continue to wake up and spend a few minutes filling Kitty in on my plans for the day.  Basically setting my intentions.

  • Then, after I feed him, I will sit back down to meditate. I’m a big fan of Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge and have purchased a few that I love.  This always makes me feel refreshed and provides my spirit with good ‘vibes’ and positive energy.

  • Then I make my shake or egg and if the weather is good I’ll go for a power-walk or do my little fitness routine which includes balls, weights and bands.

  • Once I’ve freshened up, I’m ready to face my day!

I have a lot to share about my business plans, but it can wait for another day.

Go out, set your intentions and as friend of mine always says… ‘Shine’!