Looking back at 2013, I realize it really was a year of transition.

I’d been planning to become a VA since 2010.  I took an 8 week course through Your VA Mentor, which was full of great information and tips to get my business started.  I was also working full time though.  So, I took the slow road to becoming a VA.  I continued to work as a lot of things were happening in my personal life, and in 2011 I left a job that I had had for a number of years, to take a one-year position covering a maternity leave.  It was a big step, and although I kept thinking I should be scared (or at least have my head checked), I never looked back.  I knew I could never just quit my regular job to start my business because I didn’t really make enough money to ‘save’ a nest egg.  With the Mat Leave position, I could. 

That brought me to the end of the summer of 2012, when I really got going.  Like most VA’s it took me some time to figure out what my niche was going to be.  I knew already what I enjoyed doing, but could I market myself with those credentials?  Then of course, there are the inevitable moments of self-doubt and concern.  But, I am really proud of myself… I persevered.

Certainly there was the occasional self-questioning.  Should I go back to work?  I made pretty good money but when I decided to take on this new life, I had to give up my apartment in one of my favourite parts of Ottawa, to move into a teeny-tiny room (with my cat) in my sister’s apartment.  That lasted a few months then went to stay with a friend (in her lovely large house). 

I stuck through it and gradually things came together, as they say.  I am doing what I love, and meeting fantastic people along the way.  I don’t miss working in an office…   I have made so many wonderful like-minded friends, from around the world.    Some have become colleagues others clients.  How lucky am I?

One word, I found myself saying a lot last year, was “Awesome”…  It’s true – so much seemed new and exciting and awesome!

I’m pretty excited about this year… for me, the year of determination.

Jen    🙂 
Quick… Get Rich!

Quick… Get Rich!

Or is it, Get Rich Quick?
Now that I am online all day (and night) I keep running into people ‘selling’ concepts on how to work little and make millions… or in other words, Get Rich Quick.
Honestly, my head is spinning.  I Do NOT like sneaky! They peak your interest by not blatantly advertising the ‘get rich quick’ theme… but offer something ‘different, and it is enough that you will  watch their videos, sometimes right to the end… and then it’s the pitch.
I’d like to believe that some of these people are real, and truly believe that they have the answers on how to change my life.  That would be really cool, eh?  However, the minute you tell me that I am going to make it big, and don’t even have to work hard – well, then you have lost me!
First of all, I love working hard.  It makes me feel really good.  Second, I never, ever want to take advantage of anyone.  Do not do unto others… 
Certainly, I want to be successful. It is my goal! But I will do it the old fashioned way.  This doesn’t mean that I have any desire to slog it out working 80 hours a week for minimum wage… but it means paying my dues and learning my lessons.  I consider myself a bit of a human sponge, so I am happy to listen to someone who actually speaks to ME. Talks my language. 
I am curious, have you fallen for any of the new ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes out there, or do you work with a Mentor and someone you trust to be ‘real’ with you and to give you honest feedback?  
Let me know.
Cheers all, have a super night!
Jen 🙂
My VA Mentor and Friend…

My VA Mentor and Friend…

This is the story of how I got ‘here’.

Not long after I met Tracey, I asked her what she does…  You know, part of the usual conversation when you getting to know someone new.  She told me, a VA.

Tracey has been a Virtual Assistant for more than 15 years. She was a VA before the term was ‘coined’. 

Like most people, I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about, but with a short explanation I was intrigued.  Tracey knew that I had many years of Administrative and Management experience and suggested that a career as a VA would be a great fit for me.  She treated me to a coffee and she told me all about her business.  I was hooked.

At the time, it really didn’t fit into my life.  I was married and we lived in a rural area with no cable TV (we did have satellite, let alone a reasonable internet service.  Eventually we did get internet but it was pretty slow and expensive.  

I liked my job, but didn’t love my job, so I did keep the whole VA  ‘thing’ in mind.  One day, one of the girls in my office told another girl that she had heard about the VA business and it just so happened that I had also mentioned it to her not long before.  Well, the two of us connected and I told her about my friend Tracey.  I suggested that she meet her.

Talk about timing…  We went for dinner with Tracey and asked a hundred questions (maybe more) and as always, she generously answered all our questions.  Then, she told us that she was starting a new business called, Your VA Mentor, and in fact she was planning to launch her first ‘course’, shortly. I couldn’t wait for it to start. Tracey’s course can be found at Your VA Mentor –

At the time I took the course I was still working full time, and although I started learning about creating a website and learning about all the different software that VA’s use, I still wasn’t able to make the jump.   Almost a year went by and then suddenly an opportunity showed itself to me.  I was offered a one-year contract (covering a maternity leave), which made it a little easier to leave the job and company I had been working for, for over 11 years.  

Fast forward to the last few months, and that contracted ended and my new Virtual Career is on it’s way.

Thank you so much Tracey, for everything!  You are a mentor and a good friend.

You can also find Tracey on Facebook.


Jen 🙂