Do you like to learn?  

I admit I hated school. OK, hate is a strong word, but I said it a lot back then.  Problem was, when I went to school, there was only one way of educating the masses (at least in the school system that I was in).  Now, the educators have ‘discovered’ that not everyone learns the same way!

Of course, what I eventually came to realize is that it was the structure that I hated, and not getting the education.  Truth is, I as a sponge.  I still am.

Now, with 24 hours of internet access, I can’t get enough. Every day I am discovering something new or I am taking an online tutorial, and I love it.

I also try to keep up to date on the ‘latest and greatest’ as well as revisiting a course that I have taken… to refresh my memory.

How often do you take courses or online tutorials?

Good Night from here.  Hope we can connect soon.

Jen 🙂