No, I’m not talking about a missing person.

M. = Most           I.  = Important          A. = Action

What a great challenge, but also, I think an easy one (thanks Natalie!).

As part of  Natalie Sisson’s  15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge,  to consider their Most Important Action over the next couple of weeks.

In The Freedom Plan course that I took this past Fall, Natalie talks about setting our M.I.A.’s daily.  What Natalie suggests is that each day we make a list of the 3 Most Important Actions we need to accomplish on that day, before we do anything else!  What a great exercise.  Make a plan and stick to it.  Not always easy, especially for creative types, like me… but what a sense of accomplishment when you finish those 3 ‘goals’!!  I find it gives me more ‘space’ to be creative.

In this challenge, I just need to share with you, one M.I.A. that I intend to complete within the next 14 days.

My Blog Challenge MIA : I intend to take my new website live by February 1st!!!  This IS my Most Important Action but it requires quite a few smaller actions, including a brand new landing page, a give-away, new examples of my work and a brand new theme.

There you have it.