I can’t believe it is Friday night!  I am so sure that yesterday was Monday.  Full of ups and downs but I am happy to say mostly ‘Ups’.  Life as a Solopreneur.


My girlfriend Kathy, another VA… who I swear is my older twin, keeps me up late sharing great information and ideas.  I love her. 


And, I met a fellow VA for dinner on Wednesday night.  What a treat.  She is a doll and I am so happy we connected in person.  Thanks Karen for dinner and great company. 


I started Melanie Duncan’s Power of Pinning course for  Business Pinterest. It’s going very well.  I love her teaching style and she speaks so clearly, I can’t imagine anyone having any trouble with it.


I am looking forward to meeting a new client this weekend too. 


I’m off to bed, I have a full 8 hours tomorrow.


Have an awesome weekend my friends.